Amazing JIRA Plugins You’ve Been Waiting For

Successful project management is one of the biggest challenges of business today. IT companies are often the primary consumers of project management and task tracking product solutions available on the market. One of the most popular project management tools that supports any agile methodology and provides bug and task tracking solutions is JIRA by Atlassian.

JIRA is very popular among a wide audience, both small companies that consist of a few developers and large corporations with thousands of workers. It provides a highly convenient but basic functionality for the needs of IT companies. This is why most of them purchase further add-ons to meet their growing requirements and to speed up and improve project management and software development.

At RMCSoft, we faced the same challenges when our need for add-ons snowballed with requirements for faster reports, QA, new project estimations, and so on. Not being ones to sit on our hands and hope a solution found us, we decided to create our own plugins to satisfy the requirements of every department in our company. Some of them we created just for local usage at RMCSoft, but several are or will be shared with those who face the same challenges we have dealt with in the past and have been engineered for broader use.

Why is basic JIRA functionality not enough, and why do we need plugins to do this extra work for us? Here are examples of situations where additional plugins are needed:

  • Everyone wants to save time on repeat tasks and optimize work process and performance.
  • Users must often track their progress in several systems when it is more convenient to have all reports in one place.
  • You may work in a marketing department and need to know how much time other departments are spending on a project task analysis that you scheduled.

RMCSoft has already made some of the add-ons available for public usage and we are working to publish more. If you are a project manager and have more than one project, you have to spend inordinate amounts of time collecting information about current statuses on your projects and checking tasks, activities, and work logs. But what if all reports were accessible in one place and within just one click? What if you could generate a report and an invoice for your customer simply with the click of a button? To make it real, we’ve created TeamLog already posted on Atlassian Market.

We have also strategized about development and QA processes perfection. It is now possible to write a description of a new functionality and list all remarks and notes by QA engineers in one task. Testing notes have the additional advantage of their own lifecycle. They can be reviewed and fixed by the developers, and new tasks can be initialized from a note when significant changes are required. The other two plugins are in beta internally, and we intend to publish them soon. One of them is designed to help with new project estimation: dividing the project into steps, preparing a document that could be demonstrated to a client or co-workers, and creating new tasks related to the estimate.

RMCSoft has several large ongoing projects ourselves, including development of our company’s products, and we need to create long-term plans, manage big teams, monitor the process, and make sure everyone is on the right track. With JIRA’s default functionality, this is nearly impossible. Out of this need, we have created our own Plan manager, a dashboard that highlights the main tasks and tasks that are out of scope, monitors estimated and spent time, and shows reports.

We continue working on new plugins and improving the existing ones all the time. Most of our updates are based on feedback provided by our coworkers from different departments and clients. We listen to their suggestions and learn about usability issues in order to improve internal routine processes and advance our plugins for others so that they can better handle similar situations.

You can download our plugins on Atlassian Market website where the high value we offer has been tested and refined internally. RMCSoft is an industry thought leader developing solutions for IT!