Manage Your Team with This Unique, User-Friendly Jira Plugin

As a team leader, are you using project management software that helps you realistically schedule out and effectively manage the workload of your team? If the answer is no, check out TeamLog, a plugin for Jira developed by RMCSoft. TeamLog is available at the Atlassian Marketplace

What is it for?

TeamLog is the only plugin for Jira that shows hours spent working on a specified project during any month in a simple and user-friendly format. TeamLog demonstrates hours worked by each team member in one calendar, giving a manager a great overview of how efficiently his or her team works. A team leader can see hours grouped by person or by project while users can see their own reports and total working time. Here is a list of the main features that Jira plugin TeamLog offers its users:
  • The plugin has a simple intuitive interface; users can find any information they need within three clicks.
  • Calendar cells contain reports on the hours worked by users.
  • Detailed reports can be viewed on the right panel that can be opened with a special button and adjusted to any screen resolution.
  • UI-elements help filter and sort data by dates, users, and projects.
  • The plugin is available in English and Russian.

How does it work?

Employees can review their own work reports. TeamLog sums up the man-hours by task and by project, as well as shows all hours worked in a month. This functionality is intended to help with work planning and reporting. Jira plugin TeamLog is especially useful for project managers and team leaders as it provides information about all ongoing, overdue, and completed activities for each project. With TeamLog, they can instantly get a real-time snapshot of the team’s utilization and create a report on any team member’s work and any task progress. TeamLog displays the number of people who made reports and keeps track of the team members who don't submit reports on time. An option to export reports in the most popular formats, XLSX, DOCX and PDF, will be available soon. This level of flexibility promotes maximum accountability, clarity, and effectiveness. The twenty-first century keeps teams very busy: project managers manage multiple projects; team members work on multiple projects, as well. If you need an online tool to help manage your workload in a visually appealing and intuitive way, give TeamLog a try!