Improve Task Management and Bug-Fixing Processes with Testing Notes

Anyone who has developed software knows that the irony of minor software defects is that they can present larger challenges. Maintaining a heightened awareness and resolution roadmap for them is difficult as they are always multiplying and disappearing in the stream of tasks – even in project and bug tracking systems. Connections between the original issues and defects become less and less obvious over time, frustrating project managers and multiplying confusion when bugs aren’t completely laid to rest.

Today, we at RMCSoft proudly introduce Testing Notes, our new add-on for JIRA! Because of our commitment to producing and improving effective tools for developers, we use any add-on we offer internally first, having piloted the many use cases we come across. Testing Notes already helps our QA-engineers inform team members about defects during a software implementation, further opening communication and addressing tracking woes.

Testing Notes greatly simplifies work on minor software defects. It is now possible to add information about them inside the main JIRA issue. This can be accomplished in a matter of seconds: all you need is to add a new remark and describe the defect. By choosing an appropriate option, you can also specify the type of remark: it can be “Undefined”, an “Improvement” or a “Discussion”. The description field supports standard wiki markup, which means that the process of text formatting and adding links into it is very handy and simple! Finally, a tracking tool that streamlines rather than complicates the steady current of notes and ideas.

Moreover, we have included functionality that allows users to change status and indicate each stage of bug-fixing for their team members: “To do”, “In progress”, “Testing”, “For revision”, “Can’t reproduce”, “Moved”, “Cancelled”, “Done”. For example, if a defect is serious, you can create an additional, independent issue by using the status “Moved”. The entry form of this issue will be auto-populated with the original remark data. We also added the opportunity to download lists of remarks into Microsoft Word if you simply need print the document out and bring it to a meeting!

You can download Testing Notes by following this link. Please email all related questions to  And feel free to add your comments below!